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FAQ and More Spy Catcher Stuff

When will I get my order?

As soon as we get an order in, we send it straight away, same day. Bigger packages will get sent recorded delivery at no extra cost, all postage is free. That's just how we roll. We'll also stick in a bunch of free stuff if we have it knocking about - badges, stickers or what have you. You should get a confirmation email telling you your order has been dispatched. If you're getting all worried, give us a mail.

I don't know my shirt size / I'm just fussy like that, what's the score?

There's a size chart link on the tees dummy.

Why does everything you write involve the word 'PARTY'?

Because we're fucking jokes.

You guys are fucking jokes, when's your EP coming out?

Real soon, in the meantime, get over to these places...